February 23, 2024

Four Playbooks for Media Engagement

A longtime foundational staple of the PR world, media engagement continues to occupy a prominent spot on the to-do lists of communicators. But with PR professionals far outnumbering journalists, it takes more than cranking out press releases to get them shared and covered. Increasing media engagement requires a new set of skills and tactics—including crafting better content, embracing brand journalism, adding value, attending events and more. A quartet of industry leaders joined this Notified-hosted webinar to share their playbooks for mastering these challenges and navigating the changing landscape.

Whether it's social media posts, YouTube videos or blog articles, it all boils down to a compelling story that's interesting to the people in your audience. Pushing out content for the sake of content won't do much good, and journalists are looking for stories with substance. What's more, they are increasingly looking for ways to share information about their stories on social media.

It is critical to know what types of content your audience enjoys and where they hang out. Knowing your audience's interests and pain points also helps you craft more relevant content. For example, if you notice that people are talking about your company, product or service negatively, it might be time to address those concerns directly and show them that you care. A great way to do this is by commenting on their comments and responding to their questions. Taking the time to interact will make your audience feel valued, which will lead to higher engagement.

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