January 30, 2024

Filters Cannot Perform What Action on Collected Data?

Filters cannot perform what action on collected data?

A filter is a data set that restricts the results displayed in a view to records that meet certain criteria. A filter is an important tool for working with large sets of data that are difficult to scan or search. It can be used to eliminate irrelevant or duplicate data, to focus on a subset of the record set, or to select aggregation options for a view.

Creating a filter is easy, but you need to understand the options available when you do so. This article answers some common questions about filters and helps you make informed choices when you create one.

You can apply a filter to a single sheet or data source, or you can create a dashboard-level filter that applies to all sheets in the dashboard. If you choose to apply a filter to a dashboard, you can also choose which related sheets to include in the filter. The selections and configurations you make in each tab determine the definitions of the filter.

A field filter is a data set that restricts your views to the records that meet certain criteria. Depending on the type of field, this may involve selecting how to aggregate the field or the values to include or exclude. For measures, this may involve choosing a minimum and maximum value for the field.

A filter can be created at the company, group or individual user level. Filters that are created at higher levels are applied before those at lower levels. In addition, filters can be arranged to control the order in which they are evaluated.

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