January 31, 2024

Facebook Groups - Why Can't I See Guides in My Facebook Group?

Facebook group guides (formerly called learning units) help admins curate and organize helpful information for members. They are a great way to create social learning within your Facebook group without paying for course platform tools. They are like mini-courses inside your group and members can show they went through them by clicking a 'Done' button. Group admins can also see member progress and engagement with their guides in Facebook group insights.

To add a post to a guide, click the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select 'Add to Guide'. Choose which guide to add the post to and give it a name. Once a guide is created, you can move and rearrange the order of your posts in it any time you want. This can make the flow of content in your Facebook group smoother for members and makes it easy for them to follow your content.

Guides are especially useful if you have a series of posts on a topic and you want to provide a linear, step-by-step progression for your audience to consume the information. You can also use guides to host Q&A sessions, which are a valuable tool for engaging and growing your community.

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