January 30, 2024

Creating a Search Account Hierarchy in Chargebee

Creating a search account structure is important for the overall success of any paid marketing campaign. Having a well-organized, easy to manage account can help ensure that your campaign is running smoothly and optimizes to maximize your return on investment.

A Search Ads 360 account can be structured in a hierarchy of manager, sub-manager and client accounts. Each level of the hierarchy can house campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. When a change is made to an account, it affects all campaigns and ad groups within that account.

Ad groups are collections of similar keywords that you can use to create ads for your account. You can organize ad groups by theme, for example: “Products,” “Services,” or “Meet the Team.” You can also include a mix of different products and services in the same ad group. This will allow you to run campaigns with a variety of different objectives.

When selecting keywords for ad groups, it is important to do your research and find the ones that are most relevant to your audience. This will help to avoid bidding wars and save you money on unnecessary clicks.

In Chargebee you can establish a parent-child relationship among your customers using the Account Hierarchy feature. This enables you to assign payment or billing responsibility to the individual subscription owner or to an entire organization. To see how this works let’s look at a scenario where you have an organization named ACME with branches in Europe and USA.

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