January 29, 2024

93 Examples of How It Works Page Examples

How it works pages are a specific type of website page that offers an insight into how a product or service functions. They're great for clarifying doubts about the functionality of a product and are particularly helpful for products with complex functionalities. They're also useful in converting potential users to happy customers. The 93 examples of how it works pages in this article highlight a variety of creative approaches and techniques, ranging from simple layouts to captivating animations.

Greenbridge takes a professional approach to its how it works page, using clean visuals of waste recycling and courier collection processes to explain its eco-friendly business solutions. The structure of the page is intuitive and easily understandable, with a clear call-to-action at the bottom of the page.

Spendesk uses a straightforward, easy-to-understand format to showcase its expense management platform. The clear, concise text and visuals make it easy for potential customers to see how the platform streamlines their financial processes. The use of 2-tone block color dividing also helps viewers perceive information more efficiently.

Betterlance takes a more dynamic and engaging approach to its how it works page by featuring real-life freelancer success stories and client reviews. The structure of the page is also well-structured and the use of light colors further improves engagement.

#Paid's how it works page breaks down the process of its influencer marketing platform into simple steps and features relatable screenshots to motivate potential users to try out the product. The use of bold formatting and eye-catching visuals is also effective in capturing attention and keeping explanations short.

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