January 31, 2024

14 Tips on How to Increase eBay Traffic

As eBay continues to grow and engulf the online shopping landscape it’s crucial that you maximize your visibility and sales on the platform. To help you do this we’ve compiled 14 practical tips on how to increase ebay traffic.

Start by doing some keyword research. This will help you understand what customers are searching for when they look for products like yours. Then you can use these keywords in your listing titles to match their search terms. This will help your listings appear higher up in eBay’s search results page.

Another essential tip is to optimize your product pictures. This will help buyers recognize your products and increase their confidence in buying from you. Then be sure to include a clear and descriptive description in your listing. This will help your listings rank higher in eBay’s search results page and attract more potential buyers.

Finally be sure to list your items in the right categories. This might seem obvious but choosing the wrong category could significantly limit how many buyers see your listing. Also if you’re selling internationally choosing the wrong category could hinder your reach.

Another great way to drive traffic to your listings is to promote them via eBay’s paid ads. These can be placed on the eBay homepage product pages and within search results and you only pay when a buyer clicks on your ad and makes a purchase. In one example, ChannelSight client TekReplay used promoted listings to increase sales by 179% and obtain a 43:1 return on ad spend.

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